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Acute Care

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You need quality care when you have acute symptoms or an illness that comes on suddenly. Malvis Tamon, DNP, of LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic, offers expert acute care to patients living in and around Rockville, Maryland. If you have an earache, sore throat, or other concerning symptoms, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Acute Care Q&A

What is acute care?

Acute care is focused health care for a short-term illness or symptoms that begin suddenly. Acute care treats the signs of disease and helps relieve concerning symptoms that could lead to more serious complications if left untreated. 

An acute care appointment may include diagnosis and treatment of symptoms associated with an illness, accident, fall, wound, virus, or infection. Your primary care provider is the ideal practitioner to offer acute care, as Dr. Tamon is most familiar with your medical history and baseline health. 

LJ Medical Health and Wellness also provides non-emergent acute care by offering same-day urgent care visits to adults who are 18 years old and up. 

When do I need acute care?

If you have concerning symptoms that arise suddenly due to illness or injury, it's critical to your health that you seek medical treatment. Dr. Tamon can provide a doctor's excuse if you have to miss work or school. 

You may need acute care if you have symptoms, such as: 

  • Sore throat
  • Ear infection or earache 
  • Pink eye or a stye 
  • Cough and congestion
  • Sinus infection 
  • Cold or flu 
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Heartburn or indigestion 
  • Urinary or yeast infection
  • Gout 
  • Minor wounds, burns, or cuts
  • Sprains, strains, and joint pain

LJ Medical Health and Wellness also offers judgment-free, confidential sexually transmitted disease (STD) evaluation and treatment. If you have symptoms or know you have had exposure to an STD, call the office or schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

What happens during an acute care visit?

Dr. Tamon begins by collecting vital information regarding your health history, medications, and current symptoms. She does a complete physical assessment and creates an individualized plan of care. 

Your care plan may include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications 
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Dietary changes
  • Specialist referrals
  • At-home treatments
  • Follow-up visits 
  • Stitches or wound care
  • Suture removal

As your primary care provider, Dr. Tamon coordinates your acute care if you need other medical experts, community services, or higher level treatments. She oversees your health care team and ensures that you get everything you need to return to your best health as quickly as possible. 

For comprehensive acute care, call the office or schedule an appointment online with LJ Medical Health and Wellness today.