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Telehealth: How-To


Your Virtual Visit

Patients can now book virtual appointments for greater convenience. When requesting an appointment through the website’s booking tool, you have the option to select ‘Virtual Visit’ in addition to ‘In-person.’

When your appointment is confirmed, you will be sent an email with the virtual visit link just prior to the time of your scheduled visit. Check in with your name and contact information and be taken directly to Dr. Tamon's virtual waiting room.

The special virtual waiting room link will be included in the day of reminder email and text message for all appointments so be on the look out for your reminders.

Please note: Same-day appointments will not include the virtual visit link, and your provider will send this to you manually. 

Digital Registration

When you book a virtual appointment through the website, you will be sent a link to fill out a digital registration form. Once you submit your digital registration form, you will be redirected to the home page.

From messaging to virtual visits to digital registration, communicating with your provider has never been smoother.


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